“Freedom of Information.”

In late September, the Australian Attorney-General’s Department met with internet service providers and representatives of content rights holders.

The copyright lobby and its many faces and fronts are being given an audience with the Attorney General’s Department and platform on which to pressure ISPs into an industry code for ‘dealing’ with file sharers .–  Rodney Serkowski

Serkowski, the then president of Pirate Party Australia, requested minutes and documents relating to the meeting under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. After considerable delay for a request of this nature, the documents were finally released. Pirate Party Australia will be releasing a press release after they have finished analysing the documents, however we have noted the following:

This is what freedom of information looks like in the Twenty-First Century.



The Internet is ours.

For many it’s a hard concept to grasp, and for others it’s something to be afraid of. The Internet is a marketplace, it’s a cultural phenomenon, it’s a library, it’s a video depository. The power of the internet is almost limitless. It breaks down barriers of communication, opens new channels of communications, allows you to embark upon new and exciting projects with people from all over the world. It’s big. And it’s been big for a while. But the single characteristic that makes the internet stand out from most human endeavors is that it’s ours.

We make the rules.

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