Christians & Copyright

There is a certain view that a belief in Christianity and a belief in the copyright reform/Pirate Party movement are mutually exclusive. While many Christians are guilty of low-level copyright infringement, it is rare that any will openly admit that they disagree with non-commercial copyright infringement being a crime. Copyright infringement is, after all, stealing, is it not? And stealing is a sin, according to the Ten Commandments. Many who profess themselves to be Christians are strict enforcers of their own copyrights: writers and musicians (or their representatives) frequently take action against those who infringe, regardless of faith or lack thereof, as demonstrated by the following story:

We had a visitor at our church the other night. Perhaps this man has visited your church as well. When one of our ushers greeted him before the service and inquired as to this man’s line of work, he would only say that he “travelled a lot.” He sat through the entire service, THEN revealed that he had attended only to observe our church for possible violations of the copyright law.

Jack Decker.

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