Necessity is the Mother of Invention

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.

– New Oxford American Dictionary, second edition.

There is a premise offered by the copyright lobby that I feel is adequately summed up with the following:

The problem with piracy is that it kills investment in culture – not just the financial investment of a music or film company, but the creative investment of the artist and creator. It takes time, toil and money to make that track or album that will inspire audiences across the world.

– Frances Moore, Chief Executive of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Guardian).

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Pirate Parties International 2012 GA Roundup

On the weekend that just passed I attended the Pirate Parties International General Assembly. Due to the high cost that would have been involved, I attended as a remote delegate, via video conferencing software.

I was shocked by the lack of co-ordination and thought put into the conference. I had heard stories about various problems that occurred at the last two General Assemblies, but did not think the situation could have been that bad.

This years’ General Assembly was “that bad”.

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Rick Falkvinge: “Why Are You Here?” Transcript

[The following is a transcript of Rick Falkvinge’s keynote speech at the 2011 Pirate Parties International General Assembly. It is edited slightly to improve readability, but is faithful to Rick’s intention. The original video can be found here.]

We’ve certainly come a long way. We’ve certainly come an enormous way since we first met in Vienna, Austria in 2007.

I’d like to dedicate this quite emotional closing keynote to one of the organisers of the 2007 event, who sadly is no longer with us. Florian Huffskey was the founder of the Austrian Pirate Party, and one of the most emotional and inspiring people I have ever had the privilege of getting to know.

So Florian, in loving memory.

Why are you here? Seriously! I mean, that’s a serious question – why are you here? Are you dumb? Are you stupid? Everybody knows how you change the world. We’ve all learnt that. You write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and you’re happy if they publish it, and so you’ve done your little bit of changing the world. Who is out of their mind and actually goes to start a political party, and think they can accomplish something? Are you dumb?

Let me tell you why I’m here.

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