I Am Not A Thief – guest article by castrovalva

The below is taken from the comments on a link to Pirate Party Australia’s online signup form that I posted to Reddit. It is written by a non-member, and I have published with permission the two comments in full, as they sum up the views of the Pirate Movement very succinctly. We are all appreciative of the author’s time and input. It was written in response to this comment.

Be careful with your distinctions here – there is a world of difference between a cultural object and a technological object.

The reality is that the idea that cultural objects can be privately owned is a relatively recent one, which runs contrary to the evolutionary forces that have driven human communication for thousands of years. The notion that we no longer own our culture, and that we must navigate multiple layers of privatization in order to ‘legally’ and, by extension, morally engage with culture is utterly preposterous.

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Not the “Anti-Copyright Lobby”

A little while ago I received comments on one of my articles, from a particular individual who constantly misunderstood my position on music and money. He continually believed I was saying artists should work for free, when all I was saying is that in most cases where a musician prioritises the music over the money, the music is better. I was not suggesting that musicians stop selling recordings or doing paid gigs – I was merely advocating that artists consider the artistic merit first, before they consider the commercial merit, but by all means, do not discard the latter.

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