Pirate Party Australia 2012 Congress Roundup

Just over month ago, Pirate Party Australia started their National Congress. I mentioned I was going to do a reflection on it in my last post, and finally I’ve managed to find some time to do so.

The National Congress begins with a two-day conference where physical and online participants work on policy changes, socialise, hear presentations and candidate speeches. This year’s conference was in Melbourne, Victoria, and was attended by Pirates from six out of seven Australian states and territories. Motions are voted on at the conference as to whether they will pass to a full-party vote – this is a sort of “mass seconding” – and amended in a similar way.

The first comment I’d like to make is that there were a heck of a lot of things to get through. Last Congress was quite informal in comparison. There were around 30 motions to get through, four presentations and elections for nine positions.

Nevertheless, it was much more successful than the Pirate Parties International General Assembly Conference earlier this year.

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Not Idiots

There appears to be an assumption within the broader intellectual property industries that members of Pirate Parties are just whiny brats who “want everything for free.” They consider us uneducated idiots who have not really given any thought into what we advocate.

I find this odd.

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