2013 Election roundup

The counting for this year’s federal election is well under way, and although the results aren’t known yet, Pirate Party Australia did phenomenally well in its first federal election. Currently the polls indicate over 29,000 primary votes nationally (0.31% of the vote with 67% counted), and I predict we will finish at about 50,000 votes total.

Pirate Party Australia competed in four of six Australia states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania) fielding two candidates for the Senate in each. On a shoestring budget, we’ve done incredibly well in my opinion for a first election. For those wanting an explanation of Australia’s political system, I’ve included a summary at the end of this post.

I think the best thing to come out of this for Pirate Party Australia was that we proved founding a party on democracy and transparency works. You can have an open party where decisions are made through debate and consensus-building, where you don’t get trapped in vote-hungry deals and instead stick to your principles. I am confident we are in the perfect position to contest the next federal election and many elections to come.

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