Life in a Northern Town: Keighley





Left the house today at about half-ten and wandered down into Keighley (Keith-lee, remember?) Town Centre. Grabbed breakfast/lunch and then visited Cliffe Castle Museum. The Museum is interesting in that it contains a wide variety of bits and pieces, not all of which relate to the family that lived there or even the area. This includes local geography and geology, pre-history, industrial revolution era machines, and Roman artefacts such as a rather large hoard of Roman coins discovered nearby in 1998. Free entry and easily an hour of strolling around.

From there I walked back down the hill (Keighley is built in a valley) and up the other side to East Riddlesden Hall, which is a 17th Century manor house, and was the home of prominent royalist James Murgatroyd. Although the house itself was closed, and will not open again until March, the grounds remain open to walk around. There’s a big duck pond with a load of ducks all quacking, of course. The house has been used for filming not just one, but two adaptations, of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, and I can see why. It looks just as I pictured Wuthering Heights while reading the book.

After looking around the barn and the house proper, I left to return to Levi and Julie’s. It started snowing and the wind was blowing quite hard, so I took shelter at a bus stop. Unfortunately the snow did not let up, so I brave it and started walking, getting covered in ice. Eventually I came across a takeaway shop and went inside to wait for the snow to stop. Meanwhile I had a delicious and inexpensive chicken curry.

Eventually the snow did stop, but continued on and off as I walked. Snow makes a delightful crunching sound when you walk on it. This is the first time I can remember having seen snow up close. After a wrong turn took me about a mile in almost entirely the wrong direction, I made it back to Levi and Julie’s.



Author: Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer

Pirate Party Australia Deputy Secretary and Press Officer. Former member of the Pirate Parties International Court of Arbitration.