A visit to Pirate Party UK’s Manchester HQ

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I was feeling poorly today: sore head, sore jaw, sore ears, sore throat and generally tired with a runny nose. Looked up my symptoms to see why my jaw and ears would be hurting, and it looks like it’s a sinus infection. I’ll have to see a doctor if it doesn’t clear up within a few days.

I turned on the heating, sorted out my dirty laundry, and did some washing. Tomorrow I’m heading back down to London, staying the night at the Crestfield Hotel (like I did when I went up to Leeds), and then getting the Eurostar to Paris in the morning. While my washing was on the go I popped around the corner to a pub — the Three Horses — and had a burger and a drink for £6.49, a bargain!

I curled up on the sofa watching TV and sorting through pictures. Andy Halsall, now a candidate for PPUK and at one stage my British counterpart, texted me about meeting up in Manchester tomorrow. Despite leaving in the evening for London, I really can’t miss this opportunity!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Okay, today was a rush. Up at 8:00 am, made sure I had everything, packed my suitcase, had a shower, left Levi’s at 10:00, got the train to Shipley at 10:45, changed to the Leeds train, and then jumped on the train to Manchester Piccadilly Station, arriving at 12:30 and met Andy at the station. We got the bus up to the Salford office.

Not going to lie: it’s not the prettiest office or building or area, but it’s clearly functional and has plenty of space for people to work and for various printers and computers. Andy introduced me Sam Clark, the treasurer of Pirate Party UK, and a candidate for the upcoming General Election. Before we left the office, they gave me a souvenir t-shirt to take back home with me!

Sam treated Andy and myself to lunch, which was very generous of him! We headed back to the station at around 3:00, after having a long chat about how the Pirate Movement is going and what we can do to foster multilateral cooperation. It sounds like PPUK will support our reform proposal for Pirate Parties International, and if unsuccessful I imagine we’ll be working a lot more closely on a direct level.

Back at the station we got coffee and I got the train back to Keighley, and was picked up by Levi (who was picking Julie up at about the same time). Got back to theirs, did final checks, and said goodbye to Julie. Levi dropped me back at the station and we said goodbye.

It was a hard goodbye for me. I cried on the train — the first time I’ve cried in a long time now. I’m really going to miss them. I made it back to Kings Cross without trouble and checked in.



Author: Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer

Pirate Party Australia Deputy Secretary and Press Officer. Former member of the Pirate Parties International Court of Arbitration.