Awesome Links

Christians Against Copyright

The title of their site is a little bit misleading, I’ll admit. They’re not against copyright, but overly restrictive copyright and are pro-Creative Commons. As a Christian, I appreciate their viewpoints. It makes a lot of sense for Christian content to be copyrighted with “some rights reserved,” and yet it’s rare to find anything that doesn’t have “all rights reserved”.

Creative Commons

Choose your licensing options to license your content with less restrictive terms. A wide range of licenses that allow people to use your content for various purposes, and is clear in its limits.

Free Software Foundation

While Richard Stallman and myself had a bit of disagreement over my use of Google Docs to distribute a survey, I applaud his work on the Free/Open-Source Software front, similarly to Creative Commons’ work on relaxing attitudes toward text, sound and film.


A treasure trove of Creative Commons-licensed music.

Question Copyright

A good resource for articles on exactly what the name suggests.

Pirate Party Australia

Information on Pirate Party Australia.

Pirate Parties International

Information on Pirate Parties around the world and help for those starting their own.


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