Streaming is not an Alternative to ‘Piracy’

Streaming services have been gradually increasing in popularity as the cost of data decreases. In Australia, for example, one can obtain a connection providing unlimited data for $60 per month. One of the major arguments regarding ‘piracy’ is its convenience. Offer a way of getting content more conveniently than piracy – make it available in less than five clicks, guaranteed quality, legally and easily accessible on multiple devices at no extra cost – and piracy suddenly dries up. Who wants to spend time fiddling with torrents, hoping that a lone seeder holds on long enough for you to get your copy? As such, it has been posited that the best way to solve the “piracy” issue is to offer a cheap, convenient, guaranteed service.

However, streaming services are not the alternative to sharing.

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The Internet is ours.

For many it’s a hard concept to grasp, and for others it’s something to be afraid of. The Internet is a marketplace, it’s a cultural phenomenon, it’s a library, it’s a video depository. The power of the internet is almost limitless. It breaks down barriers of communication, opens new channels of communications, allows you to embark upon new and exciting projects with people from all over the world. It’s big. And it’s been big for a while. But the single characteristic that makes the internet stand out from most human endeavors is that it’s ours.

We make the rules.

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